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We are vCCA

Virtual Air China was established in 2009. 2017 saw the launch of our independently operated AOC, moving to a broader stage, dedicated to providing a quality flying experience for our members. We always welcome every like-minded with our concept of freedom, inclusiveness and openness.

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  • Modern Airline Operational Control(AOC)
  • Fully automated PIREP reviews
  • Community members from all over the world
  • Community-based management
  • Extensive company documentation
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Modern AOC

With our customizable vAMSYS OCC system, our modern interface will give you the best experience from booking to pre-flight, to every single stage of your flight.

Fully automated PIREP reviews

Gone are the days of waiting anxiously for the management team to approve your PIREPs. Our new PIREP review and scoring system will complete the automated review process.

Diverse Community

Virtual Air China officially became an official VATSIM VAA partner in 2019. Our community includes members from all over the world who long to fly.

Community-based management

We have innovated a community-based management model that gives every pilot the opportunity to participate in the management and decision-making process of the virtual airline.

Full flight tracking

The new Pegasus ACARS will monitor every piece of data during your flight in real time, generating a detailed PIREP of your flight. You can view every detail of your flight and improve your skill.

Extensive company documentation

Too many features to start with? No problem! We offer many of our own company documents and real-life aircraft manuals to help you get started and smooth your career with virtual Air China.

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